Our mission is to find out how to scale Digital Badges across Europe – especially for those distant to the labour market.


The Problem

While the benefits of Digital Badges are well-known since at least 2015, there is still no sign of “break-through” of their use by education providers, employers and learners. The potential of Digital Badges to encourage and acknowledge non-formal and non-linear learning is still only theoretical. 

The Solution

We try to learn why Digital Badges failed to succeed in some cases, where they were tried, and where they actually succeeded, at least on a small scale, We try to understand the perspectives of the different stakeholders – e.g. learners, companies, education providers, public policy makers,  etc. From there, we want to develop a starter toolkit that makes it easy to use them, especially for those distant to the labour market, and for life-long learning.

The Impact

The impact we imagine is to give recognition of skills, competencies, learning effort and achievements for those who need it most; to motivate to express own competencies; and motivate learning, because it can make a difference.

We are developping a starter toolkit for all those who want to employ Digital Badges and Credentials especially for people distant to the labour market. Our project has three phases, and we are currently working on phase 3 – the toolkit. Click on the links to learn more.

Phase 1: Desk Research

• Studies, publications and projects on Digital Credentials, OpenBadges, especially with focus on people distant to the labour market and non-formal, non-linear learning.
• Technical solutions and providers, implementations, frameworks, limitations, from the perspective of our project.


Phase 2: Stakeholder Interviews

We looked at 2 main perspectives:
– The “learner” or skill bearer
– Issuers and consumers: companies, education providers, NGOs, public policy makers, recruitement agencies, job agencies


Phase 3: Starter Toolkit

Finally, we provide a starter toolkit to employ digital badges and credentials, aimed at institutions, companies, NGOs etc.