Our mission is to find out how to scale Digital Badges across Europe.


The Problem

While the benefits of Digital Badges are well-known since at least 2015, there is still no sign of “break-through” of their use by education providers, employers and learners. The potential of Digital Badges to encourage and acknowledge non-formal and non-linear learning is still only theoretical. 

The Solution

If we are able to understand why Digital Badges failed to succeed in some cases where they were tried, and where did they actually succeeded, at least on a small scale, we may be able to derive a toolkit with best practices that would allow to establish viable projects in a distributed, but emerging way.

The Impact

The impact we imagine is to make educational infrastructure adapt to the potential of Digital Badges, not the other way round. With this, we hope that flexible, learner-centered and inclusive ways of learning can appear, thrive, and lead the way for positive life-long learning.