The Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership ‘Connected Spaces of Learning in Europe’ was initially aiming to create a sustainable and youth-oriented participatory solution for European cities and regions to map, deliver and recognise diverse opportunities for young people. In order do build this solution, the following objectives had been identified to implement:
– Map and connect spaces of non-formal and informal learning, which enables young people to better “navigate” through learning opportunities, based on needs, interests and passions.
– Build online mapping software adapted to the needs of partners’ represented territories and easily scalable.
– Develop capacities of local learning providers and build online software for creating learning playlists – a youth-friendly way to present and deliver diverse learning content online and offline with integrated recognition through open badges.
– Build a toolkit and documentation for online software, which enables regions, cities or consortiums to create their maps and playlists of learning anywhere.
– Engage young people in identifying learning opportunities and shaping the understanding of learning according to their needs, interests and passions.
From this project the platform Cities of Learning has been created. On this platform you can create learning paths with playlists and digital Open Badges. Especially interesting if you want to badge learning in a city or region. On the website you find different cities and regions already active within cities of learning.